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The only reason for having a broker is to help manage your benefits program. A primary function of managing your benefits is to ensure the lowest rates possible, however, there are many different ways a benefits plan can cost your organization, such as:

Renewal negotiation – concise logical analysis or simply new rates presented?

Plan design options – thoughtful analysis to minimize impact to employees or
no meaningful recommendations?

Risk management – have you been advised of all potential liabilities?

High or low employee satisfaction with benefits plan? Reviewed?

Are you confident your broker has presented all the choices available to your

While understanding that rates will always be an important consideration in your decision making process, we also understand that today’s sophisticated business owners are demanding much more for their investment. In turn, they understand in today’s marketplace all insurance carriers are generally similar. In the past, it was reasonable to expect dramatic savings which, due to demutualization and a shrinking market, is no longer feasible, particularly given that most brokers deal with the same insurance companies.

So how do you choose one broker from another?

One of the advantages of having Gowan Consulting as your broker is you will obtain the best service along with the best price. As an independent broker we survey the marketplace on your behalf to ensure you have the best rates. Our commitment to providing exceptional service in every aspect of your program means you don’t have to compromise expertise to obtain the best rates.

Reviewing the various consulting services will allow you to see all the differences between having a broker and having a professional consultant for the same expense or less.