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One of the most common statements from owners is how they feel frustrated because they are investing so much on the employees’ behalf, yet all they hear is complaints about the quality of the benefits they are providing to the employees. In one sense, both parties may be correct. There is no question employee benefits are costly and owners incur half or all of the cost. Nevertheless, the employees have seen perpetual downloading of expenses through deductibles and co-insurances, or increased costs, or eroding benefits coverage. In that respect both employee and employer concerns are valid.

One of the reasons for employee dissatisfaction is they feel they don’t have input into the benefits provided. Gowan Consulting can help your HR team create employee choice surveys that will allow the employees to know they are having a meaningful impact on the plan design that ultimately, they will be using. Giving employees choice and input fundamentally changes the focus from “spend more” to “how can we maximize the potential of the dollars we have?”

Another source of dissatisfaction is lack of knowledge of the benefits available or the process to access them. We will provide you with white label fact sheets that explain essential elements of every aspect of the benefit program. We will also provide educational briefings to review the program with the employees.

Improving employees’ understanding and involvement in the benefit plan is a great way at no additional expense to get more value and create a different mentality, not just year to year, but fundamentally in how employees view their benefit plan.