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Gowan Consulting is an independent brokerage firm specializing in providing consulting and broker services for your employee benefits program.

Partnering with your Human Resource (HR) team, our in-depth analysis of every component of your benefits program provides you with the confidence that your plan is being managed effectively.

Our innovative cost-containment initiatives enable you to better manage costs now and pro-actively for the future. Strategies addressing cost drivers that impact rates are presented for your consideration in market survey and renewal reports.

Furthermore, addressing potential Human Resource issues that can impact your benefits program will prove to be an invaluable resource for your HR team, as it will ensure your employees’ satisfaction with the benefits they receive for being a part of your team.

Gowan Consulting is committed to providing you the economic incentive to justify taking advantage of our professional analysis and services.

To review your alternatives, contact us to see how we may help you maximize the value of your benefits package.

Finally, Large company services for all size businesses!